Our Team

Ents is made up two sections, Ents Committee and Ents Crew.

Ents Committee are responsible for the oversight of Ents Crew. They are the people who will be the first point of contact for user groups' tech requirements and the final point of approval for all events held within the Union. They are also the first port of call for Ents Crew members if they have any problems, issues or concerns.

Ents Crew includes the Ents Committee and are the team of volunteer technicians who run events in the Union.

Andrew Barron is the Entertainments Convenor this year

Ryan Delaney is the Deputy Head this year

Shona M'gadzah is the Secretary this year

Craig Ballingall is the Venues & Tech Officer this year

In addition to his role as Venues & Tech Officer, Craig Ballingall is also the Training Officer this year

In addition to her role as Secretary, Shona M'gadzah is also the Marketing & Engagement Officer this year

In addition to his role as Deputy Head, Ryan Delaney is also the Social & Welfare Officer this year

The role of DJ & Acts Coordinator is currently unfilled

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