Legacy Roles

Following a restructure of our committee in 2015 and again in 2019, the following roles no longer exist in their previous format and instead their roles and responsibilities have been reorganised into our current committee positions. We thought we would have a dedicated place to still remember past Ents who contributed to the committee and as such, their past roles can be found below.

  1. Manages all events run by societies and subcommittees
  2. Attends User Groups meetings and assumes responsibility for events from there
  3. Liaises with Charities Committee on RAG Week and allocates any subsequent crew structuring
  4. Liaises with other subcommittees to improve cooperation and efficiency
Year Name
2012-2013 Luke Hodgman
2013-2014Fiona Woodhall
2014-2015Angus Ireland
  1. Books DJs for events.
  2. Trains people who wish to learn to become a DJ.
Year Name
2012-2013James Smith
2013-2014Kay Kiladze
2014-2015Kay Kiladze
2015-2016Charlotte Adams
2016-2017Charlotte Adams
2017-2018Adam Powrie
2018-2019Charlotte Magister
  1. Responsible for organising Training
  2. Ensures H&S documentation is up to date, in conjunction with Phil
  3. Responsible for operation and maintenance of Entsputer
  4. Maintains sound and lighting equipment
  5. Responsible for overall equipment tidiness (outside of events, where EMs are responsible)
  6. Advises the DoES on equipment hires and looks after them while they are in-house
  7. Ensures consumable goods stocks are replenished
Year Name
2012-2013Campbell Anderson & Sam Elliot
2013-2014Alistair Mason & Angus Ireland
2014-2015John Heenan & Ryo Yanagida
2015-2016Angus Ireland & Ryo Yanagida
2016-2017Calum Duff
2017-2018Paul Lancaster
2018-2019Natasha Maurer & Tom Groves
  1. Keeps Ents Happy.
  2. Plans Social Events.
  3. Responsible for the end of year Ents video.
Year Name
2012-2013Angus Ireland
2013-2014John Heenan
2014-2015Maria McParland
2015-2016Elliott Brooks
2016-2017Libby Cavaye
2017-2018Savannah Ward
2018-2019Polina Sevastyanova
  1. Assumes the roles Convener if they are unable to fulfil their role for any reason.
  2. In charge of planning Freshers and Refreshers.
Year Name
2015-2016Fiona Woodhall
2016-2017Danielle Donnally
2017-2018Libby Cavaye
2018-2019Lucy Brook
  1. Assumes the role of ESM if they are unable to fulfil their role for any reason.
  2. In charge of planning Freshers, Rag Week and On the Rocks.
Year Name
2015-2016Alistair Mason
2016-2017Antonia Wade
2017-2018Charlotte Magister
2018-2019Will Thompson
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