Venues & Areas

The Union is home to two main performance venues and 3 bars that can also be used a performing spaces.

The StAge is the biggest performance venue in the union. It is home to a permanent stage that can be extended using nivo and ambideck to make catwalks or bigger stages. It also contains a seating rack seating 110 people which can be moved in or out depending on the event requirements. When combined with Club 601 it is the biggest open space in the union.

Club 601 is St Andrews solution to the lack of clubs in the town. Home to a DJ booth, a full length bar and assortment of lights, it is sure to be a night to remember. When combined with the StAge it is helps to make the biggest open space in the union.

Main Bar is the most popular and versatile bar in the venue, open everyday from midday till late. It hosts the weekly Sunday pub quiz and a variety of other events on a regular basis including the occasional Jazz Night when they're not in StAge. It is also home to the MTX that controls the bars in the venue.

If you're lucky you may spot an Ent here when they're not in Tech Box getting a change of scene or maybe even enjoying a main bar lunch!

Sandy's Bar also known as Sandy's is a smaller bar off from Main Bar. It contains all the equipment required to host small music events, stand-up comedy, karaoke, and sports screenings. Regular events here include Sound of Sandy's and Tuesday Karaoke nights.

Beacon Bar is the more 'buji' bar, offering views along Market Street, it brings the upmarket vibes to the Union. It normally hosts smaller society events including the monthly MusT cabaret nights

There are also numerous areas that Ents operate in. These include Tech Box, Purple Room, Basement and Backstage

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