Entertainments Convenor

Most commonly known as Ents Convenor

  1. Oversee all aspects of Ents, including the performance and commitments of the committee and crew.
  2. Responsible for the wellbeing of all committee and crew members, in conjunction with the Ents Social and Welfare Officer.
  3. Coordinate all activities relating to recruitment and awareness of Ents, in conjunction with the Ents Marketing and Engagement Officer.
  4. Represent Ents on all matters relating to events and the functioning of the subcommittee
Year Name
2012-2013Daniel Palmer
2013-2014Fiona Woodhall
2014-2015Lavin Ge Tian
2015-2016Lavin Ge Tian
2016-2017Hannah Jacobs
2017-2018Sam Bunce
2018-2019Paul Lancaster
2019-2020Paul Lancaster
2020-2021Ryan Delaney
2021-2022Ryan Delaney
2022-2023Andrew Barron
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