Shona's Showbiz

Despite Ent's home being the union, this doesn't mean that our technical knowledge stops at a club night. There are many other areas that tech can lead to from theatrical performances and musicals to dance shows and competitions, in fact many Ents discovered their love of tech through technical theatre! In this area I'll be sharing more detailed advice on technical theatre from the basics of getting started and marking up your script to the more detail concepts of line by line mixing and lighting cues. So stay a while, have a browse and learn all there is to know… (well most of what I and other Ents know!) about technical theatre (and other random things that I think are interesting!) :)

The Ultimate Technical Theatre Glossary

Line By Line Mixing

X32 Theatre Control


Lighting Cues and Ion

The Role of a Theatre Tech

Marking Up a Script

Making XLR

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