Andrew's Guide to Pimping Your Mac

(worth mentioning that not all of these are mac exclusive but until I have time to create more pages this will have to do!)

Author's Note: If you haven't got a mac…I'm sorry my next task it to create a pimp your windows guide but haven't quite got round to it yet!

Author's Note 2: Some of these apps are my personal additions and I'm always looking for more good apps so let me know if you have one to add!)

-shona :)

As most of you know Andrew is the productivity guru when it comes to Mac extensions and applications. As I'm constantly discovering more and more ways to improve my workflow and constantly asking Andrew for advice, I thought I'd collate a complete indepth list so everyone can benifit from his wisdom!

Most of the apps on this list have a free plan, however, most have optional paid upgrades so if you're wondering what to gift to get the tech in your life maybe consider on of these apps!

Without further ado → from A-Z here is Andrews complete and ultimate guide to pimping your mac!

Ever though 'I wonder how I can be more efficent with my mac' and cmd-space's spotlight is not cutting it anymore… then Alfred 4 is the mac app for you. Made for people who are at home on the *home rows* of the keyboard, a master of Alfred never (well almost never) has to touch a mouse or trackpad again.

Alfred is a more effective search tool and what Apple's spotlight search wishes it could be. Through the use of hot keys, key commands and shortcuts you can and I quote jump in and take action without lifting your fingers off the keyboard. From navigating your endless collection of uni files and mic plots to controling your *home office DJ hits* from your keyboard, alfred is sure to make a positive impact on your productivity. The powerpack (alfred's paid upgrade) enables you to create custom workflows and shortcuts which enable you to fully take control of you keyboard hotkeys and shortcuts as welog l as for the design conscious tech customise the themes and fonts of your searchbar so you can finally achive the perfect all black performance ready mac desktop of your dreams

There are two price points:

  • The £29 Single License will get you the current version's powerpack, however this is without any updates
  • Whereas the £49 Mega Supporter will get you the powerpack and “free” lifetime upgrades

However, unless you really want to make the most of alfred, I don't think you need to be in any rush to upgrade (unless your just wanting a way to splash your bday money!) as the free version is such a significant upgrade over apple's native spotlight search already!

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