Soundcraft Delta SR

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Soundcraft Delta SR
Sound Desk Infobox
Type: Medium Format Analogue
Mono Channels: 16
Stereo Inputs: 2
EQ: 3 Band Parametric
Mix Groups: 4
Main Outputs:

4 Matrices,

L & R "Main"
Aux Outputs: 2 Pre/Post, 2 Post

The Soundcraft Delta SR is a medium format, analogue mixing console, designed to be used for stage events, such as with bands or in a theatrical performance.

It features 16 mono input and 2 stereo input channels with 3-band EQ, 4 assignable mix groups and a range of matrix/routing options.

Inputs & Outputs

The Delta SR has 24


Channel Inputs

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Group Outputs
Main Outputs

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Tips & Tricks

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