Equipment Summary

Ents currently has 2 primary boards, and 1 piece of software.

Device Image Use
Avolites Tiger Touch 2 Our primary lighting board. This is based around busking which means changing the lights on the fly and not sticking to a fixed set of cues. This is our general work horse but really comes into its own for club nights and creative events. This is also the board that we tend to provide all our training through and you will be using when you first start playing with the lights during events (like Bops)
ETC Ion An industry standard theatre lighting board. This board is designed for pre-program and run through like theatre shows and things that require limited editing on the fly. While not impossible to run events live, it comes with a little bit more setup and practice. This is the board you'll tend to learn on if you are looking to do a lot of theatre shows and are involved in mermaids. This board is used every now and then but tends to be put to the side with titan used instead.
CHAUVET DJ ShowXpress This is a lightweight 1 universe lighting system that is used in 601. It runs on the PC on the back of the DJ booth and is designed to provide limited control of the lights in 601 and nothing else. This is so we can provide DJs with control of the lights in a safe environment without having to pull out desks or have an ent sat at a desk all night
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