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Below is a list of the main staff at the Union who the Ents may have to work with.

Bruce (Building Supervisor)

"Has anyone seen my liver?"

Bruce is a former student, who studied Geography and Geosciences up until his third year, when, after spending far too much time with ents, he stopped studying. Bruce is however a god to the ents crew, as he knows more about enting and the venue than any crew member. The details of his divinity are detailed in The Book of Ents - a copy of which is taped to the Ents Cupboard door - and its lesser-known sequel The Book of Entsodus.

Bruce also owns a field which he often goes to tend in the small hours of the morning, and is Scotland's only supplier of Scottish Artichokes

How will you recognise Bruce? By his hat, that and his seeming reluctance to wear anything other than a sweatshirt and jeans. You might just see his gruff exterior but rest assured, under that gruff exterior is an equally gruff interior. To those he likes, Bruce gives out one of his ever famous Bruce names.

Bruce is not his real name, his real name is a closely guarded secret, only a handful of people know (Hint: his email doesn't start with a B).

Phil (Deputy Building Supervisor)

Phil Hulse.jpg

Phil is Bruce's deputy. He looks after many of the things Bruce should look after. He's also responsible for porters and door staff.

Colin (Bars Manager)

Colin runs the bars at the Union. Ents may have to work with Colin when planning themed events, for example to have special drinks menus created.


The porters look after the building and the people in it. They're often found sequestered behind the main Reception desk, or beavering away throughout the building.

  • Angus (Nights)
  • George (Day)
  • Mandy (Nights)
  • Rob (Day)
  • Roy (Day)