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The following is a list of software which Ents have found a use for during their time putting events on. Much of it is used on Entsputer in Venue 1.


  • Runs on Windows, Mac & Linux
  • Lighting Control Software
  • Free to download (requires purchased USB-DMX adapter for DMX output)
  • Union owns MagicQ USB-DMX dongles, so shows can be used in Venue 1
Download from Chamsys

Screen Monkey

  • Multimedia display control software
  • Used by Entsputer for Projector Screens in Venue One
  • Windows only
  • Free to download and use
Download from Screen Monkey


  • Audio Cueing Software
  • Only runs on Windows
  • Free to download and use
Download from Audio Visual Devices


  • Similar to Multiplay, but for Mac
  • Cue Based Operations
  • Basic version is free to download and use
   * Limited to one surface, one stereo audio channel
  • Tips: Do not create "new surface" to enable external display, instead edit the video cue template to use surface 2 (Which is most likely to be external displays.)
Download from Figure 53


  • Design and plot lighting rigs
  • Runs on Mac natively, or through Java on Windows & Linux
  • Free to download and use
Download from Claude Heintz Design (Java version)