Rubber Box (lighting)

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The 63 Amp Single Phase Distribution Unit, commonly known as the Rubber box, is the source for non-sound, non-dimming power on stage. This unit will power Intelligent Fixtures, the Lighting Desk and any special effects an event might need such as smoke, flame lights or projectors. The unit is powered from the distro and outputs to 18x 16A ceeform sockets. These outputs can be individually switched on and off from the front of the unit where there are 18 micro-circuit breakers and there is a master switch for the unit at the rear.

A typical layout of the Rubber Box puts permanent fixtures on the low and high number sockets with most of the temporary additions going in sockets ~10-15 however as with everything in the venue this alters over time. An approximate current layout should be on the top of the rubber box written on gaffer tape.

Tips & Suggestions

  • Do not run greater than 63A total on this unit.
  • Do not run sound equipment on this unit. There may be interference from the intelligents which will muddy the sound quality.
  • Count your inputs. Commonly they can be grelco-ed together, so long as the channel is <16A
  • Running Atomics on this unit can be problematic