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The Octagon was an eight-sided truss structure suspended from the roof in the centre of the Venue 1.

It was supplied with 6 16-amp power supplies and 4 Socapexes, as well as a DMX cable run.


  • 6-bars along the left & right and front & rear edges, sharing socapexes in these pairings.
  • 4x Alpha Spots and 4x HPEs, arranged at each corner
  • 4-bars on each of the diagonal struts
  • 2x Projector for Entsputer on the front-left and front-right diagonals, and an Optoma Projector connected to the Entsputer and the TV feed.

The centre square has been known to support two (or more) Technobeams.

Also, sited in the space frame above the Octagon was the PSU for the scrollers.