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Entsputer is the name given to a series of computer systems owned by the Ents Crew.

Currently located in a flight case in the Stage Left wing of Venue One, the computers can be used to operate the lighting rig (through MagicQ) and the projectors (through PowerPoint or Screen Monkey).

Entsputer Guides

  • Controlling venue lighting through MagicQ
  • Display information on the projection screens through Screen Monkey
  • Accessing Entsputer, including MagicQ, through Remote Desktop


The systems are ex-Computer Science servers, and contain

  • SuperMicro P4DPR Motherboards (All)
  • Nvidia Geforce 9300GS 512Mb Graphics Card (Active Server Only)
  • Trust 10 Port Usb 2.0 Power Hub (Active Server Only)
  • xx Gb Hard Drives (Currently Unknown)
  • xx Mb RAM (Currently Unknown)


We currently have the following accessories, which can be found, when not attached to Entsputer, on the Entsputer shelf under the table in the Ents Cupboard:

  • USB Virtual 5.1 Stereo External Sound Card
  • MagicQ Magic DMX Basic (5 Hour Time Limit)
  • MagicQ Magic DMX Full (No Time Limit)
  • USB Floppy Disk Drive