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The Ents Committee is a sub-committee of the Association, which means it's an integral arm of the Union's services.

The committee meet weekly before the crew meeting; but each has their specific remits to fulfil to keep Ents running smoothly.

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Head of Ents (SSC Entertainments Convener)

Currently: Paul Lancaster (pl59)

  • Chairs all meetings, managing the crew and execution of the committee
  • Represents the committee and crew outside of meetings
  • Liaises with other sub-committees.
  • Liaises/mediates with Building Supervisor (Bruce) and DoES.

Entertainments Space Manager

Currently: Lucy Brook (lb260)

  • Assumes the roles Convener if they are unable to fulfil their role for any reason.
  • In charge of planning Freshers and Refreshers.

Performance Space Manager

Currently: Will Thompson (wht2)

  • Assumes the role of ESM if they are unable to fulfil their role for any reason.
  • In charge of planning Freshers, Rag Week and On the Rocks.

Events Convener

Currently: Charlotte Magister (lcm4)

  • Books DJs for events.
  • Trains people who wish to learn to become a DJ.

Technical Coordinator

Currently: Natasha Maurer (nm208) / Tom Groves (tg68)

  • Responsible for organising Training
  • Ensures H&S documentation is up to date, in conjunction with Phil
  • Responsible for operation and maintenance of Entsputer
  • Maintains sound and lighting equipment
  • Responsible for overall equipment tidiness (outside of events, where EMs are responsible)
  • Advises the DoES on equipment hires and looks after them while they are in-house
  • Ensures consumable goods stocks are replenished


Currently: Spencer Percival (sp225)

  • Takes minutes for User Groups, Committee and Crew meetings; distributes minutes.
  • Keeps Ents Schedule up to date.
  • Undertakes administrative tasks, such as the creation of Ents Passes.
  • Monitors crew email and is responsible for Facebook.

Social Secretary

Currently: Polina Sevastyanova (ps224)

  • Keeps Ents Happy.
  • Plans Social Events.
  • Responsible for the end of year Ents video.

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