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The Ents Committee is a sub-committee of the Association, which means it's an integral arm of the Union's services.

The committee meet weekly before the crew meeting; but each has their specific remits to fulfil to keep Ents running smoothly.

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Head of Ents (SSC Entertainments Convenor)

Currently: Antonia Wade (aw239)

  • Chairs all meetings, managing the crew and execution of the committee
  • Represents the committee and crew outside of meetings
  • Responsible for recruitment of new crew
  • Ensures everyone has fun and still manages to get a degree
  • Liases/mediates with Building Supervisor (Bruce) and DoES.

Entertainments Space Manager

Currently: Libby Cavaye (ec211)

  • Maintain the smooth running of events of the new club spaces and bars
  • First point of contact for club/bar events
  • Sits at Users Group meeting for offer advice and support for event users
  • Oversees the maintenance of equipments and logistics in the venues

Performance Space Officer

Currently: Charlotte Magister (lcm24)

  • Maintain the smooth running of events of the performance space
  • First point of contact for performance space events
  • Sits at Users Group meeting for offer advice and support for event users
  • Liaise with other subcommittees, including Mermaids and Music is Love

Events Officer

Currently: Adam Powrie (ap231)

  • Manages all internal (Ents-run) events
  • Responsible for Bops; ensuring they are DJed, delivered on theme and publicised
  • Responsible, in conjunction with the DoES, for coming up with one-off or regular Union-managed events
  • Manages a group of DJs and allocates them for events

Technical Coordinator

Currently: Calum Duff (cjd24) / Sam Bunce (smb27)

  • Responsible for organising Training
  • Ensures H&S documentation is up to date, in conjunction with Phil
  • Responsible for operation and maintenance of Entsputer
  • Maintains sound and lighting equipment
  • Responsible for overall equipment tidiness (outside of events, where EMs are responsible)
  • Advises the DoES on equipment hires and looks after them while they are in-house
  • Ensures consumable goods stocks are replenished


Currently: Blanaid Barr (bb62)

  • Takes minutes for User Groups, Committee and Crew meetings; distributes minutes
  • Keeps Ents Schedule up to date
  • Undertakes administrative tasks, such as the creation of Ents Passes
  • Monitors crew email and is responsible for Facebook and twitter

Social Officer

Currently: Ryan Hay (rh79)

  • Keeps Ents happy
  • Gets Ents out of Venue 1 from time to time!
  • Acts as point of contact for new crew

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