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3-pin XLR
5-pin XLR

Of all the cables we use, XLRs are probably the most versatile. They are used in sound engineering to carry line level, instrument/mic level and speaker level signals, in lighting to carry DMX data and even to carry low voltage electricity. Because of this, they come in many different thicknesses - and it's very important you don't use the DMX cable instead of speaker cable if you don't want to melt them!

To make it less confusing, the first coloured strip of tape at either end of XLR cables tells you what you should use that cable for. This chart, which can also be found on the door of the metal cupboard in the Ents Cupboard, decodes the colours:

XLR Colour Chart
Colour Use Category Use
Sound Mic/Instrument/Line Level
Sound Speaker Level
Lighting DMX Control
LV Power Low voltage, eg for Birdies

XLRs are used to carry balanced signals which are more protected from interference than Jack or Phono cables.